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Identification of a plant

Dear ECHO Community

Can anyone identify this plant?

thanks much

Mike Fennema
World Renew in Laos

I think it might be ageratum houstananium which is a troublesome weed in many tropical areas including here in Australia

yes looks like Ageratum houstananium. In Nepal we also have as an invasive but Ageratina adenophora is even worse in terms of rampancy

When I look closely at the leaves from the plant in the photo I sent and the Ageratum houstonianum plant, they look different. The texture of the leaves looks quite different.

someone suggested it was Ageratum conyzoides and another person suggested it was chromolaena odorata . All three look somewhat similar, but also a bit different.

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Here in Thailand, there is a plant that looks extremely similar to the one in the photo. It flowers all year round and is pretty darn invasive. I once knew a name but that info has long since disappeared.

After looking at various pictures of the plant names given above, I’m wondering if the plants look somewhat differently in different parts of the world. Even plants of the same name, in different websites, don’t look identical.

Looks to me like Ageratum conyzoides The best pictures of the plant that I’ve found are here (in French):