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Including PDFs in Conversations

We (ECHO staff) noticed that some entries in Conversations might be enhanced by the ability for users to include PDF documents. Conversations already included the ability for users to drop images into their Conversations entries. We have added PDF documents as an option. Just drag or paste your pdf into the Conversations entry as you create it. As always, please only include images or documents that you own or have permission to use. ECHOcommunity staff reserves the right to remove material deemed inappropriate or questionable, but we encourage broad sharing of your experience otherwise.

It is a good idea. Can the PDF file be easily downloaded.

The pdfs should be clickable for download.

Let’s try a test. Here is a page from a presentation on solar water pumps.

solar-water-pump.pdf (62.8 KB)

Here is a link to the full presentation

Its Ok. I have an idea to send to echo for consideration, please help me with the email address I can send it to.

Hi Akpobome,
We’re always happy to have submissions. Please send your email to
If you’re looking for our policies on intellectual property and sharing you should check out this page.

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AKPOBOME Agadaigho.