Initial location assesment

I am a missionary working with the AOG church in Papua New Guinea. They have planted a church in a remote location and would like to do some community development type projects. They would like to do an initial assessment to find out needs and available resources in the community. Before working up a completely new assessment i thought i would see if anyone here has something they have used in the past. don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there are already existing resources.

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@Buzz do you have any recommendations for David?

A Guide to Assessing Needs: Essential Tools for Collecting Information, Making Decisions, and Achieving Development Results
free download from the World Bank:

thank you very much for that. I will try and get that read in the next few weeks. In just skimming through it it seems very helpful.

Tearfund have some excellent resources also, for example

thank you for the suggestion, I will look into that as well