Interesting tree species available

Hello guys. I have recently started a reforestation and land reclamation effort (small - scale / communal) in Zimbabwe and I have come across a very resourceful nursery with a wide range of ready to plant saplings. These include baobab between 1 to 5 years, red mahogany, fever trees and moringa to name but a few right in the capital Harare. If anyone is interested in them my email is

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Dear Darlington-

  Yes, of course we are interested in resourceful nursery businesses.  Is this a local for profit venture and have you gotten acquainted with the owners?  The need is great for agroforestry etc. there.  Are they growing any gliricidia or other useful agroforestry trees such as apple ring acacia? It is important they have a good foundation to prosper.  
  Can you please tell us more about your project?  How is it managed and what is the end purpose of the land once enhanced by the trees?  Thanks for mentioning this.

The nursery is open to walk in sales from interested parties and I am coordinating a reforestation effort with them by buying a few seeds at a time for my organization - Rima Africa Zimbabwe’s reforestation campaign.

I started a nursery tree project but lack capital to meet the demand of customers since the demanded species are expensive support if possible

Hi I hope you have considered the potential of FMNR - its the cheapest and most successful way of reforestation. See for more info. Shalom.

I hope you got the gist Jeff alternatively contact me on

Hi JeffU and everyone, i just joined the echo community and finding it very useful and refreshing. I run a small nursery business in Chibombo district in the central province of Zambia. I have been looking for market for my apple ring acacia seedlings, i have about 10,000 seedlings ready to plant. I also have other plants such as red mahogany, senna siamea, trichelia emetica, jakaranda and flamboyant trees. Would appreciate some leads.