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Internship-to-Hire: Avocado production in China

Our young and growing American company in China is now hiring! We are looking for two Agriculture Interns to help our farm production operation grow. The position is a 3-to-6-month internship (depending on the candidate), with the possibility to be hired at the end of the internship if the candidate qualifies for a permanent position. Some Chinese language ability is preferred, but NOT required.

Founded in 2017 and situated in the Himalayan foothills, our 18-acre farm and nursery facility strives to promote sustainable, holistic agriculture while promoting new crops in China, including avocados, pecans, and several berry varieties. If interested, please take a look at the role profile attached. Inquiries please send me a direct message or email (

Kind regards,
Dr. Jonathan L. Teichroew, PhD

Agriculture Internship_农业实习_2019_intlvs1.pdf (282.3 KB)