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Introducing Chaya in South Africa

Chaya (Spinach Tree) Nature solution for job creation, food Security and Malnutrition.
We are developing and producing Chaya (Spinach Tree) in South Africa as a new horticultural crop for its miracle healing value and healthy food source in the rural communities. We create jobs at the bottom of the pyramid using Chaya Spinach Trees. We buy the raw product from them and process it into consumable products for the market.

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good day sir,we are from cameroun,a country in central africa,working with and organization called MASCOTT INTERGRATED GARDENERS doing in the domain of medicinal plants.we’ve been using chaya for many years now for medecinal purpose like for diabetes patients.the soil here is very fertile for the growth of the plant and we have a very big land and therefore we can produce a urge quantity of chaya thereby employing a significant number of youth in this rural area where unemployment rate is very important.We will like to know wether you are interested in a pathnership with mutual benefits both for us and for the local is the contact of the delegate of our organization:
tel 00237 677793948

We are a business that is building a massive job creation machine to reduce high rates of un employment at the bottom of the economic pyramid in South Africa. Our main focus is the communities living in rural areas. We do not provide any funding, but uses the Franchising concept
Micro Franchising is a natural development in that, it systematises, brands and replicates tiny businesses, which can be funded through microfinance and enterprise developing funding. It effectively permits a person to buy a job.
If you are interested in this concept you are welcome to contact us via e-mail.
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What are the products you produce from the raw Chaya leaves?

Good Morning
I do not use wet or raw Chaya leaves to produces any products due to the HCN value.
I harvest the wet leaves and cut it into 30mm strips and then wash them in clean water.
After this proses I spread it out into drying trays and dry them in solar dryers. Depending on the sun it take about 7 hours to dry. This process allow that the HCN value is 0% . The Chaya dried leaves are then process into a powder format using a hammer mill. You can do this also on a smaller scale. My solar dryers are easy to make. I use 210l steel drums, cut it into half and cover it with 100% UV protected poly carbon sheeting.
I produce the following products from Chaya :. Capsules , crushed leaves for cooking, spice, soap creams etc.
Please visit my website: for more information.
My Chaya business is all about creating jobs in the rural areas and provide them and myself with a good income

What areas in South Africa are you mostly working?