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Introducing Moringa in Honduras

Do you know if Moringa will grow in a humid region?
Where do you recommend getting climate information for Honduras?
Where can we get Moringa seeds in Honduras?

I am a missionary in the mountain area called Reserva Yerba Buena of Francisco Morazan Honduras. I want to introduce moringa to the villages here. I learned of a program growing Moringa at the Zamorano University in Honduras. I am reaching out to the school but no answer yet.

I got information about the local climate from I am not 100% sure I have the correct climate information. According to this region gets 10-30 inches rain a month from April to November. Temperatures range from 54-84 F.

I read the ECHO paper introducing new seeds overseas. That article is very good and now I have many more questions.

Hi Richard,

I specialize in moringa and coffee production in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and some other areas in Latin America and the Caribbean. I assist nonprofits and socially responsible businesses produce moringa on a large enough scale to process and produce marketable products that create sustainable revenue streams to fund philanthropic work or business expansion. Moringa grows best in soils that are sandier rather than clay heavy. It also does not like a lot of rain and it prefers hot days that peak in the 85-95 temperature range. I’m not sure if you are in the mountains of Honduras or not, but I tried growing moringa in the mountains of the DR and had some trouble getting the plants to establish themselves. Moringa could grow up in a cooler and rainier mountain area, but it may not flourish and may not be ideal for commercial production.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can respond to this or email me at I’m happy to help in any way that I can.

Andrew H.


Andrew thank you for writing. That is very good information. I am interested to know more about what happened when you grew moringa in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. What was the altitude and temperature in the area?

I reached out to two universities in Honduras and am working to gather more information about the climate in the area.


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hi there, moringa grows fine most everywhere in Cuba - we have a tree! on the roof. It is fast growing and comes back rapidly when cut back. Good forage, but also we send it to the hospital for really sick friends with our lamb caldo.

Seeds are fairly easy to get here. Try the Cuban Embassy.


I am from Uganda, a fairy humid tropical country (especially in the central, west, south and eastern). Moringa grows perfectly well in the rainy and dry season. I am sure someone would be willing to give you free seeds in your country as they are really cheap and produced in vast numbers. Alternatively, you could request seeds through ECHO and they would ship them to you.


We have grown Moringa in Guatemala. It does not do well above 4000 feet. No success at all at 6000 ft. You can check your altitude with Google Earth if all else fails. We have had a problem with leaf cutter ants. I would suggest they be started in the small black plastic bags so common in Latin America, then transplanted when they are at 1 1/2 to 2 feet. Plant enough to outrun the ants. There are other suggestions but I am not sure of the effectiveness.

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Thank you @Kate_Daley. I noticed this week that my moringa tree’s roots survived this years florida freeze of 28 F ! It is growing back from the roots at the soil level

Thank you @Joel_Tumwebaze that is really good information there is hope for us!

@David_Crites thank you so much! I got the altitudes from Google Earth. I am working on getting the temperatures in the area. I am getting help from and UNACIFOR (escuela nacional de ciencias forestales) in Siguatepeque Honduras I pray we can figure this out.

Here’s the altitudes:
Lepaterique, Honduras
14° 3’52.44"N 87°28’9.98"W
elev 4800 ft

La estancia
14° 0’28.61"N 87°33’41.17"W
elev 4050 ft

Longitude 13°59’14.21"N
Latitude 87°33’56.25"W
elev 3800 ft

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Did you have any luck at 4800 ft of elevation? I work at a coffee finca in Antigua guatemala and the climate and elevation are very similar and I’m looking to grow moringa.

Thank you so much

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Some families were able to grow the plants to 15± inches at altitudes around 4000-4700 feet

The plants died when the Heavy Rain started one family in the village is going to experiment growing this year after the raining season. They will plant in a location where the water runs off doesn’t stand

Let me know how it goes for you and if you have any more questions