ISO people in Cameroon

We work in the Adamaoua region. Looking for other in-country resources for seeds, seedlings, and plants.

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Have you tried the Member Search? You can limit to people in Cameroon and reach out to them directly.

Good luck!

According to Wikipedia;
Nearly all farming in the province is done at the [sustenance] level.

It looks as if these people might benefit from growing Jack beans.
For more info email Graham at

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Hello Karissa I am in Cameroon, you are talking about seeds and seedlings which is something am very interested to. But I am sorry I am not actually clear with what you are trying to say. You are very professional in your language. Thank you.

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Bonjour Madame Nsobih. Est-ce que le français c’est mieux? Je voulais dire que nous cherchons les sources pour acheter les plantes et des arbres au Cameroun. Nous ne sommes pas dans ce moment dans le pays, mais nous allons retourner bientôt.

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Deat Sir, I’m a Cameroonian living in Cameroon. I can speak both French and English but after reading you are not still clear please. Which types of trees you effectively need?

We look for the more rare grafted fruit trees. We do NOT want more mango, guava, avocado, plum (Prunier), coffee or cacao. But I think for this year we have found enough trees. It’s not possible to plant later than August or the trees do not have a chance to get their roots established before the dry season starts. Where are you in Cameroon?

Dear Larissa, l’m at my village around Yaoundé, in the Centre Region of the country. Very far from the Adamaoua Region. But l think we can remain into contact as far as your need is concerned. Moreover I wish you give the names of those plants you want so as we can see whether and where
it is possible to get them.

Good evening Mr Marissa
I am sorry I have Ben out of net work for a while now. I was in the forest. What ever I have work on many agroforestry projects. Producing and training farmers tree seedlings. Some of the farmers are still producing them. Just tell me the types of trees you need and I will.make arrangement for them. Beside its important to know when you will be needing them.

Ok Mr Karissa. I did grafting only with rubber. But I have a senior colleague who is an expert in the field. When ever you are prepared I can link you to him. He has been working with farmers for decades.

Bonjour karissa ! Je suis au Cameroun à Ntui, 82 kms au nord de Yaoundé. Puis je vous aider dans votre recherche ?