Jab planter/peanut remover plans/pearl millet sorghum thresher

I’m looking for some plans for a Jab planter. I’m looking for the jab and squeeze type, like what can be found from Johnny’s seed co. As well as the jab and drop a seed type. (Hopefully that description is clear)

I would also like plans for a small scale peanut pod remover. Right now in my village, the people remove the peanuts from the plants by hitting them with a small stick. (I think it’s kind of fun, but not when you do it for two weeks straight).

I’ve also found some plans for a threshing machine at A Home Built Threshing Machine for Smallholders | PPT and I’m wondering if this would work with pearl millet and sorghum.

I was mistaken about the johnnys seed planter. I’m looking for something more like the Stand n plant or the fao jab planter.

Seeder This could give you an idea since it is of simple pvc pipe construction but it might be patented so you may have to borrow ideas but make something original.