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Japanese Persimmons in the Tropics, Grafting, and rootstocks

Hello all,

I’m wondering if anyone has every seen, heard of, or performed grafting of any Diospyros kaki (Japanese Persimmon) variety onto Diospyros nigra (Black Sapote) rootstock?

From what I’ve read in nurseries in the US, most Japanese Persimmons are grafted onto the rootstock of Diospyros virginiana, which is native to the US.

I know Japanese Persimmons need some chill hours and I think there might be some places where they could grow in West Africa, but I think getting different rootstock would be a good idea and since we’re already looking to promote and plant black sapote, I figured I’d see if anyone here knew anything about this or if they have any suggestions.



Hi Tyler,

I have never attempted to graft these two species together, but apparently it can be done. This is an article posted by Craig Hepworth, a Florida tropical fruit enthusiast. He has grafted Black sapote onto the native US persimmon with the hope of producing a more cold-hardy black sapote. He also thinks that the persimmon rootstock could potentially result in some dwarfing as well. He doesn’t mention having tried the reverse (persimmon onto black sapote) but expects that it should work. If they have been successful grafting Black sapote onto D. virginiana, then I would expect Japanese persimmon to be compatible with black sapote as well. It is certainly worth a try.

I hope this is helpful,

Tim Watkins

I’ve been wanting to grow persimmons in Thailand for years. I know they grow them in the north part of the country. But I live in the south! Maybe it’s just not possible, but I have a bit of renewed hope :slight_smile: Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea what they are using for rootstock for the Japanese persimmons there?

Tyler, if you’re asking me, all I can say is that I don’t know! Seems possible that they planted persimmons, without grafting. That’s because there’s a several month long cold spell in the mountains of the north. But I don’t know for sure one way or another what they’ve done. Sorry!

@Josh_Jamison, any thoughts?