Katuk Source near Port-au-Prince?

I’m looking to get katuk cuttings for a shady spot at an orphanage in Cazeau. Anyone nearby willing to provide some?

Also, what’s the Kreyol for katuk?


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I will be glad to supply you with katuk cuttings. Please fee free to send me a private message and I can provide my phone number.

Hi Clint, I thought I replied last week but it doesn’t show here.

My colleagues will be in PAP later this week and could get some katuk cuttings from you. Could you provide your phone # and where you are located? Also what sort of work do you do in Haiti?

When I hear from you, I’ll pass your number along to Ken Bever, President of Hope for Haiti’s Children. He will be the one in touch with you.

Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help.

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Hi Clint Bower

am also interested in Katuk cuttings, will send a private message.

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