Learning resources in Cambodia

We are working in the Siem Reap, Cambodia area. We are looking to add agricultural teaching to our savings groups teaching. We would like to teach tried and proven agricultural techniques that are applicable to the small-scale farmer.

I am looking for places in Cambodia that are doing agricultural development, places that we could visit with Cambodian staff…places that would give them ideas about agricultural techniques that they might like to try. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks,

Hi Mike, I am writing to you from Green Shoots Foundation. Whilst we are a UK registered charity, Green Shoots has been operating in NW Cambodia since 2012. In 2018 we established our own farm/ permaculture site in Oddar Meanchey Province and partner with the local universities to run our work.

Our work is specific to small-scale farmers and I would be interested to chat with you more about it. How shall we proceed?

Hi Thank you for contacting me. My email is mike@terrafina.org

My WhatsApp is +1 850 345 0982

I would love to chat.

Mike Martin
Terrafina International

Hello Mike. I am from Cameroon. Sometime ago i requested for a guide to create an Echo Echo platform in Cameroon but nothing came up. This is the type of opportunity i am looking for for smallholders farmers in my area. Not only i am a researcher i am also a farmer with cocoa as my focal crop integrated with plantain vegetables cocoyam etc. My farming community is dearly in need of such technologies but the big question is how can i be involve. Sincerely i love ECHOCOMMUNITY and will like to extend its activities in Cameroon.

Hi Marie, I’ve noted your many posts in ECHOcommunity Conversations and want to be sure you know about the Collection focused on Cameroon. You can find it on the link below. Please be sure to click on Books and Related Links for even more resources.

Mike, might I suggest you look through the training resources on ECHOcommunity? Using the Search, here is the link for resources available in both English and Khmer [please note that there are some references showing that only have the description or various sections in Khmer]

If you Search only on ‘training’, you’ll find a wealth of options from many sources.

If we can help narrow your search, please reach out. I’d be interested to note specific recommendations from our network friends. Do others have specific recommendations for Mike?