Legume cover crops with rice or maize?

Is there anyone in Laos that is having success in incorporating legume cover crops in the cropping system with rice or maize?


What’s your email address? I have a good friend working in Laos and can assist you with this question.

Or if you prefer to email me that is ok too. Mine is davidglobalag@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


There are several systems mentioned in Restoring the Soil by Roland Bunch available through ECHO. One is upland rice and crawling cowpea planted sparsely among the rice,. Seed sown 1 to 200. This is reported as proven in Laos. The only information that I have about gm is from that book and articles from the internet. I will be trying various gm with cassava if I get enough seeds after planting the ECHO seed packets. I’m in southern Laos.


If you still are interested in legumes I can put you touch someone working in Laos.

Please feel free to email me at davidglobalag@gmail.com