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Legume Identification (Kurdistan)

Hello ECHO family!

I am in Kurdistan, Iraq. Specifically in the city of Sulaymaniyah. I recently took some seeds from legume trees in a local pot. I would love help identifying these trees. I am guessing that the larger seed pod tree with thorns is an acacia, but I don’t know specifics. What are your thoughts? We have already seeded 100+ of these three trees into pots. Apologies I don’t have better pictures at the moment. !
legume 1

legume 2

legume 3

legume 4 (potentially same as legume 3 but found at diff location)

Thanks for the help!


Hi Kayla, our best guesses are locust (Black locust, Honey locust or ???) for the first tree and maybe an Albizzia for the others.