Livestock keepers

In most of the African countries especially the East Africa in rural areas the farmers are suffering from the availability of resources such as material and technical decision.
Let’s discuss on how we can solve this issue to bust the per capita income of the farmers

I had same challenges when i started with some farmers in South West Nigeria but i was able to over the problems with the following steps.
1 Group the farmers into smaller number according to there regions of farmlands/ area or practice and don’t be bias about the grouping.
2 Identify the specific problems of each group through personal interaction/ meetings and discussion.
3 Allow them to speak and give possible solutions to the problem before you figure out your solution because most problems might be internal I.E there was a village where the most educated and modern farmers does not allow most of the available resources to get to the poor farmer which in-run affect the farmer to have lower yield and output and some of the farmer tends to quit sometime and gave room for the modern farmers to have total control of the market supply.
4 Provide possible ways for the farmers to process and package there products with less cost with the introduction of co-operative farmer societies
5 Provide a time to time developmental training at less or no cost for the farmers and keep it on a regular bases

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Thanks Kayode. I love the procedures you took here. It’s the best. I hope to follow such in my community.