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Locust vs Jack beans

Hi, in recent news its evident that Locust have become a threat to many subsistence farmers in Kenya.Now invading for second time and threatening to diminish only surviving vegetation in their depleted soils.
Though not all area affected my consern is about the extended damage to food crops and in most vulnerable areas know us dry lands. As Roland puts it that Jack beans is good on pest control including locust which can not come again on the field after testing the Jack bean. Thanks to Graham l am doing demos and I hope we can get to advance its reach to help many farmers sow it across their depleted soil as pest control like locusts to provide emergency food to locust infested regions when they have been destroyed completely. However, as its also said locast can be eaten. My question is what happen to those which eat mature JB and dried up for meals do they have the toxins. Can their be a special netting raised high to help catch flying locust how can I get donated nets to send to those regions and harvest the locust? They could also be burried in soil for fertilization in addition to the other advantages poultry food.So the subsistence farmers are extremely threatened about their food security including their livestock. This need to get solution. How do you think about this locust.?

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Hi Robert, this is a good sharing. What about regions with Jack Beans ? Or has Madagascar tried sowing JB?