Locusts and Jack beans

Small farmers in Uganda are reporting an invasion of locusts.
It is expected that bean crops, with their toxins, will suffer less than other crops. It is hoped that those who are growing Jack beans will have the least damage.
If anyone is able to report local results, with photos, that will be very useful as is expected that climate change will produce increasing numbers of swarms.
Graham Knight, BioDesign

Its true Uganda like those countries in the horn if Africa, Somalia,Ethiopia Kenya, S Sudan and Uganda ate facing it rough. Here we received our first rains last year in October, planting and looking after garden s, after most farmers had planted heavy rains begun September , November up to December all planted legumes got affected. With bright and died. So as the locusts have invaded the region, expect other crops getting destroyed not legumes. Now we a preparing gardens for next early session .

Richard Kizito

Has anyone ever tried spraying the incubation fields of the locusts with a mixture of wood vinegar and extract of neem or other natural insecticides? Wood vinegar seems to enhance the effectiveness of other pesticides. Would be an excellent and cheap mixture.

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