Locusts are not in the UK

"Giant swarms, millions strong, are stripping the land everywhere they descend, eating every carefully nurtured crop, ravaging trees, leaving cattle and goats with nothing to feed on, ruining farmers and creating devastation in areas already reeling from drought, plant pests, conflict or all three.

A square kilometre of locusts eats enough food to feed 35,000 people every single day. Some of the swarms seen since the locusts first emerged from the Arabian Peninsula"

Why is no-one here dscussing locusts?
Many SSA farmers report to me thatg they have lost tneir crops!

It’s a so tough problem to tackle but I think fires may distroy them then after that we plant crops that are suitable for the remaining time and at the same time promote systems like hydroponics and other agriculture houses that are not affected by locusts.

here is an internal link to some information that I compiled from reading online. It looks correct to me, but please add to or correct information too! There are pictures of locust control methods as well taken from around the world over the last century