Long/Mid term opportunities; Research Intern, Agricultural Extension, Reforestation

Volunteer opportunities in South East Asia.
Looking for individuals/couples to join an existing team to develop a robust agri-development team centering on holistic empowerment&development of displaced, discriminated people

Some fluid needs are listed below

  • Assistance in developing research trials and documentation for our training farm
  • Preform research trials, comprehensive documentation, and publishing: Our goal is progressing our farm as an academic, scientific, developmentally sound resource for SEA in organic mountain slope agriculture.

*Assistance in community based agricultural extension work

  • Work as a community based extension agent or alongside dedicated Agri-Community Staff for organic techniques, with relationships that overflow with a love for Isa al-Masih into storytelling or story studies. Our goal is connecting the presence of Isa al-Masih to the proclamation of Isa al-Masih in a contextual way.

*Assistance in reforestation

  • A reforestation intern willing to work towards community based reforestation/farmer managed reforestation through community meetings, demonstrations, and documentation.
  • A community development individual with an understanding of how to pursue sustainable reforestation at a government and grassroots level through several different local microclimates. Our goal is bringing to the forefront of community consciousness the importance of trees and native forest systems.

These are self-supporting positions currently.

further info available upon request.