Looking for information on establishing a food forest

Anyone have resources for establishing a food forest in Cuba or Tanzania?


You might enjoy this video. Inside the food forest revolution | ECHOcommunity.org

I expanded the topic into an ECHOcommunity resource collection. Food Forests | ECHOcommunity.org

Do any network members have suggestions or comments to add to the conversation or to the collection?

What goals are you trying to achieve? I have developed some approaches that focus on income generation. Some of the food forest approaches are not very applicable to income generation but of course, they could sustain livelihood for a subsistence producer and possibly beyond depending on the approach. When people are just accomplishing subsistence and not much beyond I don’t think that reaches the goal of improving livelihood maximally. So this is the beginning of a discussion. Many of the permaculture or food forest practitioners do not always value income generation as a goal but have other goals. Some of those goals in the West do not allow for much more than a hobby unless they are making money from books and speaking engagements or eco/agrotourism. In underdeveloped countries, it may be a very practical phase before mechanization, irrigation, or extra labor can be afforded.

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I plan to be in Arusha,Tanzania early 2024 and our goal is to work with the Maasai to start establishing tree gardens. I really like the living fence and locating the larger trees to buffer the wind that Andrew Millison talks about in his utube. I’m glad to learn there is an Echo impact center in Arusha that i will check out when i arrive.

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This was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. The 4 year plan outlined by Andrew Millison was very helpful. Thank you.

Climate Smart Solutìons is a local legally registered in Tanzania. We have human resources has we have already mobilized the communities to take food forest initiatives. So far 500 inhabitants with a total of 500 acreages will be under the food forest initiatives. What we are looking is partnership and funding.
More visit our website: www.climatesmartsolutions.or.tz

Am planning to visit Arusha early January, I think I can make plan to pass at Echo impact centre in Arusha