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Looking for information on Longevity Spinach nutrition

I am finding abundant information on medicinal value of Gynura procumbens, longevity spinach, but not the traditional nutrition assessment of carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals…
It is so easy to grow her and I would like to promote it as an edible perennial in my community garden and church garden areas.
Can anyone help?

I live in Thailand, where this wonderful plant grows easily. I just searched for basic nutritional info in Thai language but came up with nothing. Maybe Chinese language? One of the Thai names comes from Chinese language :slight_smile: Apparently this is well-known there, but maybe only among people who know herbs.

This document may provide a starting point -

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Thanks. It is easy to grow, needs little care, grows in shade; I am trying to find easy healthy perennials for backyards, church and community gardens, etc.

Hi Bonnie!
One of our great Technical Staff, Stacy Swartz, read through the article that Steve Snyder posted, she said that Figure 2 might be most beneficial to review!

does this help?

Thank you. All information is appreciated

you are very welcome - hope it helped!