Looking for Inga edulis

I’m looking for Inga edulis to use in a agroforestry system in Haiti. Not sure if I’m looking for Inga feuillei or “Inga edulis” as I’m not sure which one will be best for my application / most drought resistant. Is anyone working with Inga in Haiti that could help me find seed as well as give me some info on best varieties for agroforestry. Thanks, Bryan

Hi Bryan,

I spoke with Mike Hands, with the Inga Foundation about this and he recommended starting with Inga vera in Haiti. Its widely available. The seeds come ripe in May and need to be planted within days of harvest. It should work fine for a biomass tree. But I do believe there are some varieties that are even better. Edulis is one of them. I just don’t know where to find them in Haiti. I have a friend with a couple trees in the DR. I’m scheming a way to get some seeds from him.

The problem with Inga is two fold. The seeds are quickly rotting. You really need to be ready for them when they ripen, or you lose out. The other problem, is it generally likes wet conditions. I find it growing naturally along the riversides. Maybe there are some exceptions to this. I’m hoping in a syntropic system, where the ground holds moisture better, they will grow in more versatile conditions.

I’ll let you know. We planted our first batch of trees this rainy season. I will say, if you get those seeds while they are ripe, the germination rates are fantastic! If you need some Inga vera seeds next May, let me know. I can get large quantities.

That would be great if I can get seeds in May Roger. Also if you find any seeds of Inga edulis let me know. Did you direct seed them all or would there be a chance I could get a few seedlings in Sept? I think I’ll be going through there.

I’ll hook you up for sure. I sent you a PM.

Hi, perhaps I can be of some assistance. DR here, North coast.
I have what I believe to be Inga Laurina, it is so similiar to edulis but smaller fruits. Also, I have Inga Goldmanii. Both are very mature trees and currently I am growing seedlings of “laurina” but also have a handful of goldmanii. As stated previously seeds dont last long, here we have horses that eat them and the seeds that they cant reach…well the ants get them.
Let me know if I can be of some help.

Hello Christopher, thanks for the reply.
So yes I have a source for getting the laurinia but if I could get a tree or two of the other one from you that would be great.:100: I’ll be in the DR this fall. If you could please email me at bcbeachy90@gmail.com