Looking for resources on Comment supprimer l'odeur de mon engrais liquide Bio

Bonjour chers tous.j’ai un souci par rapport à l’odeur de mon engrais liquide Bio.comment faire disparaitre l’odeur ?

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“Hello dear all. I have a problem with the smell of my Bio liquid fertilizer. How do I get rid of the smell?” This is what I got from google translate. You can try applying the fertilizer in the rain or near the end of a rain event if you have a limited quantity and limited plants to fertilize and it will remove the smell and distribute the fertilizer into the ground. I do this with human urine and it works very nicely. If you spray it on the leaves when you see the storm clouds gathering you may also get some foliar feed intake as well. If you have manure mixed in then I would not put it on anything you will harvest in the next 3 weeks.

Also for any fertilizer that may be “hot” or salty you need to test on a small area of a plant to see if you have any phytotoxic effects. Then wait a couple days to see if the plant shows signs of damage.