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Low cost well pumping

There are now available low cost 12v pumps that will lift water from almost any depth.

More details from Graham at

I would love to hear more a out the 12v pumps you mentioned.


Again I can send a pdf when I know how!
It involves the use of a high pressure diaphragm pump now mass=produced in millions costing $10!


The 12 volts pump is very portable.


Yes, these pumps are small and cheap and deliver around 5 l/min.
But one could increase the flow by having several at only $10 each!
If you email me at
I can send a pdf document

I would be interested on where to purchase and what you have used them for

My personal email is

Iā€™m interested in info about this also.

@Graham_Knight Can you post the PDF here, It seems like several people could benefit.

I would appreciate any additional information on the pump.

Please provide your email so I can send pdfs etc

Or email

Graham Knight

Here is an interesting link from

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Would love to have water pump info please. Wanting to use with solar power on small farmette in country.

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Please contact Grahams at