Mango expert needed

Does anyone know a mango expert that would be available for consulting in S.E. Asia for a large scale start up farm in organic? Our desire is to raise fruit crops organically and teach the local population the benefit of using organics, cover crops and compost and to use the farm to support local ministries. Compensation is available.


I would be interested in possibly exploring this with you. While I’m not a “mango expert”, I have a PhD in Sustainable Agriculture Development and run an avocado orchard in SW China (Yunnan). I also know many people working in mango production in several Asian countries, so depending on your needs, I could possibly help directly or point you towards someone with the skills you desire. If you’d like to discuss more, PM me.


Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your reply. Our farm in in Cambodia but I lived in Guangdong for the previous 15 years. Would love to talk with you about our farm here please email me at and we can talk more perhaps on WeChat or Skype