Maresha seeder South Sudan

Can anyone point me to someone in S. Sudan that is promoting the maresha seeder?

I am an agricultural missionary working here in South Sudan. I have never seen a Maresha seeder being used here but would be great to introduce it. Brian Dyck is working on planters here in Juba and you will want to talk to him. He would be interested in talking to you. Even ox plow has been slow in catching on here. Pochalla has one farmer doing ox plow who would be willing to take interest in it. Rumbek has a history of oxplow adoption. There may be some farmers in central and western Equitoria region that use them but I am not aware of them. My email is The regional expert in ox plow technology is Okumu Boniface. Not sure if this email works Tillers was in Lira, Uganda. The Tillers base is not functional but Boniface is still promoting ox plow technology. Copy me so I can help you if you can’t reach him.