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Meliponiculture: Stingless Beekeeping

This conversation has been opened for direct follow-up to the ECHO Asia Note #45 article on Stingless Beekeeping.

Please feel free to use this conversation forum to provide direct experience working with Stingless Bees, to ask questions related to this topic, or share photographs of your own set-ups.

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Hi There Patrick, do you know if anyone is doing this in Sabah, Malaysia? I need help in getting started. Craig

Hello Craig, it’s good to hear from you! Unfortunately I do not know of anyone in Sabah specifically. @Keith_Mikkelson @Boonsong_Thansrithon do you know of anyone?

While i applaud innovations such as using stingless bees, I have wonderful things to say about our honey bees that sting here in N. California - namely that they normally do not sting when they know and trust their beekeeper so we need wear no protection when we are caring for them and their hives (except when stealing their stored food & who would not get defensive? So we wear protection then) Almost all critters are sensitive to a human’s intention toward them and fear is a huge red flag… and a bee sting is supposed to be great for arthritis if applied directly!
My point is that in any decision considering which bees to raise, including so-called killer-bees, is if it possible to cultivate the correct attitude in the beekeeper? An attitude of partnership and respect for the intelligence and acute awareness of our tiny partners, and an ability to feel and project loving kindness and protection toward them. They respond very, very well to such treatment.


Our R&D farm is working with stingless bees, currently have moved from the jungle and stabilized 3 hives and split one, in the south island of the PH. It’s not Sabah, but its only a good stone’s throw.