MENA Region Consultancy in Planning Phases

The beginning phase of a consultancy focused on the MENA region.

Ruaa, a friend whose master’s is in biochemistry and who has focused on permaculture education in recent years, and I are working on starting a design and education consultancy focused on the MENA region. We would start by pursuing consulting opportunities for NGOs requesting designs for projects, education within the areas of permaculture, or staff training on how to further their regenerative capacities in their fields of focus.

We are looking to connect with others who have a similar passion - co-designers and teachers, mentors, or those with experience in the field who would be open to a conversation. Each of us has different strengths and areas for growth, so we are looking to expand the diversity of skills and experience on the team. We are also currently looking into the legal requirements for starting a consultancy in the region - our current focus has been on being registered in Jordan for centrality, but we are open to ideas in relation to others’ experiences.

If this is of interest to you, if you have insight or suggestions, please reply here or email me directly at


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MENA is Middle East/North Africa (new to me)