Ministry Integration in Poultry Training

I am wondering if anybody knows of any poultry (chicken) training materials/curriculum that have an integrated ministry or discipleship component to it. I work with a variety of agricultural projects around the world, many of which are focused on poultry. Most of these also include a ministry effort alongside the technical training, taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the gathering. I am looking for curriculum that isn’t simply a side discussion but draws on principles explored within poultry raising and uses that as a platform for engaging in study of the Bible or in discipleship. Food for the Hungry’s Redemptive Agriculture is an example from the agronomy side and I’m wondering if there’s anything out there from the livestock side.

Hi Aaron,
I worked in Haiti before and I am familiar with a ministry called KORE, Beyond Relief:
They work with small-scale farmers in Haiti for production on layers/eggs to feed children, and provide income for farmer families. Their main office is in Tennessee. Take a look at their site, and feel free to contact them
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Thanks, Cecilia! I’ve reached out to them. I’ll see what they say…

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Hi Aaron,
Would you share what you find please. We also teach on animal care with chickens, rabbits, and pigs and have been using FFF (Farming God’s Way) general Biblical background but would love to fine specific material as well.
Vernon Byrd, University of the Nations, Kona Hawaii campus

Vernon, I’d be happy to do that. Right now the only leads include the one mentioned in a previous post to this topic question–KORE– and a guy named Jim Adkins who runs an organization called the Global Poultry Initiative. He also is writing a book, due out this Fall, that sounds like it will be something useful. I’ll know more in a couple months. I will be sure to keep you updated.

thank you so much. We also will share anything we find.