Moringa Planting Partners

Greetings to ALL
I have a Moringa tree planting project and I am looking for experienced organiztions or individuals w=that have planted trees of any species in the past especially in south africa locations.
please talk to me here

I have planted about 2,000 here in Tanzania (moringa oleifera), but I don’t know how much that will be of help for you… :wink:

In Zambia southern province, I have a bunch of seeds from a moringa tree and am also trying to grow them! If you have any tips, let me know.
I read an article here about using Tithonia diversifolia biomass as a fertilizer and termite repellant for young trees. Since it’s a common weed here, I’m planning on using that around the trees. Ash in the bottom of the hole you use to plant the trees to guard from termites below, and tithonia biomass liquid around the trees (but not too close so it doesn’t burn them.). The article describes how to make the fertilizer/termite control liquid. Pretty much jam a whole bunch in a bucket and 3 weeks later you have a lovely stinky brew of green manure! Let me know if you have some good techniques or ideas too!!!

Cultivation : It is best to grow plants from 1 m long cuttings but they can be grown from seed. They can be used as a hedge and pruned regularly to produce more leaves. Properly dried seed can be stored for a long time in sealed containers in a cool place. Normally perennial types are grown from cuttings and annual types are grown from seed.
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