Moringa Tree yellowing and dropping leaves

My moringa tree has been loosing leaves for weeks. I have been checking the soil moisture, and haven’t been watering it to try to let it get dryer. The moisture meter has been showing less than 50% but the leaves keep yellowing and falling off.

Is there anything else I can do to help, or is this normal for this time of year in SW Florida?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

I have several moringa trees of similar size on my property. So far the only one that defoliated over the colder temps also needed more irrigation, not less. Since then it has bounced back with weekly irrigation and bloomed, but still hasn’t spread out its canopy like in the warmer season. As long as you’re seeing new growth, I wouldn’t worry. These trees will probably branch out again around March. For reference I’m zone 10 in Broward county.

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I am in Honduras and for us, leaves are not long lived. That is, they yellow and fall and are replaced with new growth. For that reason, we harvest them as fodder while they are still young and green.

I am happy to report that the moringa tree is doing much better. It shot up a new shoot from the bottom of the main stem (the main stem died off), and is now taller than the original.