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Moringa trees in sub-tropical area

We just had a few nights of hard freeze. 8 hrs below 32 and a low of 24, we have not been this cold in 3 or 4 years. I have been growing the moringa for 9 years now for the use of the leaves for food and fodder. The trees had a fair amont of leaves and flowers on them. That were perfectly freeze dried for harvest. A large paper bag and someone to carefully bend the branches down with out shaking them and you can harvest right away all the leaves and blooms (they are great in tea) without having to deal with all the stems, with a careful crush and pull down the leaves fall off into bag. The blooms I pinch off with my fingers. We have not had a hard freeze and I believe they have gained some cold hardiness in them over time. I will cut them back to make easiser to harvest once we start warming up.

Thanks for sharing that information Dan. Freeze-dried leaves and flowers, that’s pretty cool! For our experience in South Africa see this article from EDN-114 –