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Mucuna Seeds Available Itchless

Planting for Hope and Future in Haiti has just harvested a bumper crop of Mucuna pruriens, the non itchy variety. We are located in Les Cayes and are interested in finding a seed wholesaler who would be interested in purchasing.

What would be your minimum quantity? Price?

I know of several agronomists that might like some, including one in Les Cayes, one in Camp Perrin, one in PaP, and one in Gros Morne. I also have a network of blans doing ag work in Haiti and a network of Haitian agwonom yo.

With your permission, I could publicize this. What is your contact info? I’ll message you.

Hi, I am interested in minimum quantity and price also. If you receive any information, please contact me. Thanks.

Bear with us for a little bit. Our team leader in Haiti is mourning the recent death of his father so we will be in touch soon.

Mucuna Seeds Pricelist

For those interested in purchase of Mucuna seeds (Itchless). I’ve attached a price sheet.

When I purchased the seed I paid $4.00/ pound for 15 pounds. The seeding rate is 15 pounds per acre. Les Cayes area went through a 5 month drought during the rainy season and the established Mucuna stayed green the whole time. At the end of its growth season, it dies off but we will be trying to sow in the dead stems to avoid soil cultivation.

Gordon Clark

Harvesting 4 Haiti

(Attachment Mucuna price list.docx is missing)

PDF Attachment

Mucuna price list.pdf (85.5 KB)