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Need a water well drilled in Haiti

I am Networking here to find a company or ngo that has successfully drilled wells in Haiti. The location is a School in Montruis.

If you have contacts please reach out to me via email at


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I don’t have any current emails but you might try locating a couple groups depending on where in Haiti. Water for Life (in southern Haiti), BlueRidge Haiti (PAP I believe), and Haiti Outreach Central Haiti.

All three have a good reputation for good equipment, I really like Haiti Outreaches approach of community buy-in. These are faith-based organizations that have a history of drilling wells, I’m not sure how active they are now.

There is no lack of well drilling rigs in Haiti but finding ones that can do it at a reasonable price with good equipment is the key.

Anybody have other suggestions?

Thanks, Brian. I appreciate the groups.

I will look into those you suggested. Indeed, I am looking for community buy-in which empowers the whole community. Also, good equipment and reasonable priced is a concern.

If anyone else knows of any well drilling rigs in Haiti, please reach out. I would love hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

Check out this NGO:

And I saw a post in a private Facebook page for Haitian NGO’s that this fellow had a bunch of well drilling supplies he wanted to sell, including possibly the truck. Not sure if it is still available, but worth a check:

Eric Lotz at 3809-0224

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Hi, David. Did you have success finding a group to drill? I am looking for help with this in Northeast Haiti… Joanna Krejsa

Hi, Brian! I am looking for some help with this in the Bwadlorens region. Have you been to visit recently or do you have any ideas about what is needed to help with water in the region? I plan to start to try to contact these three companies tomorrow but wondered if you have any other ideas since you wrote this last year)

@Joanna_Krejsa, Hope you are doing well! The best chance would be Haiti Outreach. You might remember Neil Van Dine, he is their director and founder. The biggest issue will be if they can get a rig to BDL, I assume that the roads are not much better.

Thanks so much Brian! Niniz and Bellisaire are my contacts in Bwadlorens for this, and Pastor JulesBernard mentioned Haiti Outreach for help with wells in Ranquitte that some Maine folks are trying to raise funds for… It is good to hear that they are a reputable outfit. I will try to contact Neil. I am thriving in Maine, happily married and looking forward to Spring gardening soon! Also I am trying to help Bellisaire get an internship with Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, do you know anyone at ECHO who could give me suggestions about what to put in a letter supporting his visa application? I will keep you informed about the water project. Many Blessings to you and your family!