Need suggestions from experts of Rice crop

I am PhD scholar at university of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan. I am working on training needs assessment of rice growers. Currently I am finalizing my research instrument for collecting data. I am little bit confused about the questions which I have to add in my questionnaire related to below mentioned objective
“To develop a strategy for an effective training of rice growers”
Need the suggestions of ECHO community

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I think no direct question to that objective it dependant on other objects.

There are many things that you can add to a questionnare to help make trainings more effective.

  • are your farmers able to read or write?
  • what do their schedules and workloads look like at different times of the year?
  • how do they share information on planting with other farmers, and who’s in their network (questions related to this will give you a better understanding of how training will multiply once your workshops are done)
    -who makes the decisions when it comes to planting rice?
    While these are all less related to the technical side of rice planting, these sort of questions do make a big difference in how effective/succesful your trainings end up being, and enable one to modify the teaching style/location/time accordingly and accessibly.

I hope this helps, or at the very least encourages other ideas.