No nitrogen fixing nodules

Hi, I’m not getting any nodulation on jack bean, pigeon peas, cowpea, or velvet bean. Has anyone else experienced this? What could I do to improve nodulation? This is the second and third year growing them.

Inoculate with appropriate Rhizobia. Micronoc has numerous strains. I sent some to Elwood Martin. I get it from Green Cover Seed

and have some on hand here in KY.
Deficiency in molybdenum and cobalt can also prevent nitrogen fixation.

Hi Mike. Here are two other steps to consider:

  1. Inoculate your soil/field with some soil from a field/location where legumes are nodulating okay.
  2. Look to see if soil phosphorous is limiting. Click here for an article on the linkage between legume nodulation and soil P. We’ve noted that animal manure tends to be a good source of P; we often apply a little bit of manure or compost to provide legumes with enough P.
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