Nutrition Teaching Material for Farmers

Hi, I am excited after hearing Dr. Bryson’s talk at the conference last year. I would like to find nutrition teaching materials that I could adapt for my Haitian farmer promoters to use to teach in community meetings. What resources do you suggest?


Hey Mike! I’ve passed your request along to @cgonzalez, she might have some resources for you. In the meantime if anyone is interested in the talk you’re referring to it’s available here:

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Hi Mike,
There is a Kreyol resource from Partners in Health that you can find at this link. They have a Facilitators Manual and Participants Handbook, but I was only able to download the Kreyol Participants Handbook PDF.
The SPRING Project recently made available a Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package, which could be useful too.
Would these resources be useful to what you are looking to do?
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Hi Mike,

You also may want to look at the resources INGENAES has on nutrition and gender. There are good resources on their website that should be helpful though not specifically developed for Haiti.

You may also glean some references here.


Here is another nutrition resource for you to check–the “Farming for Change” curriculum. It was designed for farmers in Malawi and Tanzania, and incorporates quite a few lessons on nutrition (it also includes lessons on agroecology, climate change, and social equity). It can be adapted as needed for farmers in Haiti. As you read through the home page of the web site, you will see a link that will allow you to download the curriculum. I’ve been very impressed by it!


Mike, just to add to the pile of ideas. The Global CHE network offers tons of lessons, among which many have been translated into Creole. You have to request membership and be approved before you begin to get access. When I just went to the site and wrote “nutrition” I got 407 hits, all in English. You might have to order the USB that they offer and state that you want the Creole version.

I have been duly warned that this topic is 7 months old, so it may not be helpful to offer new ideas at this point. Nevertheless, I realized today that no one had mentioned CHE and, as it happens, I was just in Haiti meeting with a colleague who was in the middle of doing evaluations on the effects of CHE on nutrition of the children and grandchildren of individuals that the program started working with twenty years ago.