Organic farming training in Cuba

Does anyone know of good training opportunities in Cuba for learning more about organic farming?

Hi from Cuba - As far as I know there is no really systematic training anywhere. There are farms which do it really well, and there are farms which do it really well and then the leader dies, leaves, or runs out of steam.

There are some excellent examples all around Santiago de Cuba and we could make a tour for you which would include hands on training by some excellent people. And I could also investigate and find out if there is something which has started and I just haven´t heard about it. COVID has slowed everything down and something which used to be easy no longer is.

Please let me know if you would like my help. I will be leaving here (Santiago de Cuba) on Sept 23 and not returning until October 28th. but my contacts are usually very good at getting back to me as quickly as possible.

Forgot to ask - what are you interested in growing? This time of year is an excellent time to come to learn all this as the cold period planting of vegetables and root crops will get started into October.

you can reply directly to my email

Thank you Kate for your offer to help. We run a relatively new organic agriculture school for adults in Honduras. I am thinking Cuba would be an interesting place for some of them to visit and easy for Hondurans to get visas. The idea was not to learn about specific crops but more about organic farming in general and especially about chickens. It would probably take us about 6 months to get ready and schedule the trip. Glen

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This link on MicroGardens includes one video on Cuban Organoponics which might be helpful (along with the rest of the series). Unfortunately, not produced in Spanish that I can find, but may be useful. Other sources?