Outreach to a Haitian Orphanage on growing food

From a friend of ECHO :

Our little church here in High Springs Florida supports an orphanage in Haiti. They have had poor success with growing food. Maybe ECHO knows of someone who is teaching “Farming God’s way” in Haiti?

The orphanage is in Montrouis. Please let us know if you are interested and we will send contact information. Thank you!

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Love A Child in Fond Parisien (fairly far away!) hosts 3-week agricultural trainings (including Farming God’s Way). I have not seen their training center firsthand, but had a great conversation with the director. Also, their US base is in Fort Myers, FL.

AgriStewards also leads FGW trainings in Haiti; in February 2019 they’ll be leading a training in northern Haiti.

Hope this is helpful!

I spoke with my guys (Agri-Plus) in Haiti and they are interested in starting a dialog with them at the orphanage. If nothing else we can get them pointed in the right direction.

I’m an agronomist, my name is Renand.I’m working with the groups farmers in Haiti, Mombin Crochu and Cap Haitian.we make garden to get a good harvest I’m interested to help them. You can contact me on my E-mail.
Many blessings
Agro Gerve Renand.

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I can send you the Training Manual in French. It might help you in the training. I tried to attach it, but it does not work. You can contact me at rzurcher@fh.org

Here are the training manuals I mentioned -
FfF Manual 2014 Updated July’14.pdf (2.4 MB)
Fondements pour l’agriculture Manuel du formateur.pdf (7.8 MB)