Pecans, genus Carya in Asia

Pecans a tree of the genus Carya. They are native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. They have been successfully introduced into Australia. What experience to you have with growing pecans or any hickory in Asia? They seem like a logical fit for areas of northern Myanmar and southern Nepal.

Thomas, I am the manager at a tree nursery a little way across the border from Myanmar in Yunnan, China, and we have seven varieties of pecan trees now. Pecan trees are a suitable crop for many areas but really depends on elevation and micro-climate conditions. Proper nut fill in the shell will depend on getting adequate high temps in the 90s-100s degrees F. Additionally, well-drained soil is a must for Pecans, as well as proper spacing away from possible shade from other trees, including other pecan trees. Of course, if you don’t think this sounds suitable for the area you had in mind, there are always many other tree varieties that may be a better fit. I hope this helps!

Thank you Jonathan; My intent is to take a quantity of pecan nuts with me the next time I visit; and start seedlings there. Once the seedlings are established, we can seek to graft improved strains of pecans unto these seedlings. Have you encountered any significant pests or diseases on the pecan trees you are growing in Yunnan?