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Plans for an ECHO Field Experience with ECHO Latin America

Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am finishing my internship at ECHO, grateful for God’s
faithfulness that has upheld me through the changing seasons of life here. I have seen the goodness
of God in laughter, meals shared together, seeds springing forth with life, and caring for sheep
who know my voice. I am amazed by God’s abundance and now anticipate a new gift as a door opens to
participate in God’s present work to realize the Gospel of life for all.

I have been invited by ECHO Latin America to participate in a post-­‐internship field experience
with their team and a partner organization in Guatemala called Maya Health Alliance (MHA). MHA
provides health services and education in Mayan languages to Mayan communities. Their nutrition
initiatives have resulted in decreasing the prevalence of chronic malnutrition in rural indigenous
communities, and MHA hopes to expand the sustainability and scope of this work by integrating
nutrition with agriculture. MHA is in need of agricultural expertise to support this program;
therefore, they are interested in collaborating with ECHO to provide this perspective.

Having completed a year of training in small-­‐scale agriculture at ECHO, I have been equipped with
experience that can serve MHA and ultimately Mayan people affected by malnutrition. In inviting me
to participate in their work, ECHO and MHA have asked me to enter into the lives and homes of
Guatemalan people to garden, cook, and eat together all while growing in relationship and knowledge
of each other and God. To me, this is God’s work of shalom being practiced in everyday ways. For
this reason, I have accepted the invitation and hope to spend six months in Guatemala from January
to June of next year. I will represent ECHO and serve as an agricultural consultant to MHA’s
“Home-­gardens for Improved Nutrition” Program, building the capacity of MHA staff in agriculture.

Kelly Wilson

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