Plant ID of Medicinal Legume

We are trying to identify this legume’s scientific name. In Arabic, it is called نبتة حسوك. When we search it in google alongside “scientific name” it brings up a different plant. The seed pods are very distinct with an almost peanut-like shape and are used locally for relieving stomach pains, anti-parasitic, and anti-diarrheal. The flavor also gives off a slight peanut flavor with the texture of crunchy cotton. This grows in abundance in our fields here and is one of few plants that stay green through the summer months without watering. Because of its natural abundance we are looking at options to turn it into a value-added product but want to verify safe quantities, known uses, and processing techniques.
Thank you for the help!
All ideas welcome :smiley:

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That’s an interesting looking plant. My first impression was that it looks like our sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica) here in the US except the pods are different. According to Google translate the arabic translates to “Hassouk plant” and removing “plant”, “Hassouk” translates to “your sense”. So maybe it is in that ballpark. Do the leaves fold up when you touch them? Pictures of the flower are probably needed for a positive identification.

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Those are some nasty lookin’ thorns! I suppose Bob’s right about it being a kind of mimosa, especially if the flowers are purplish and shaped like a ball. Here in Thailand, it’s usually considered a nuisance, but some people do see it as a medicinal herb.

Hi Kayla, can you put in English how the local refer to it please?

The bipinnate leaves look just like Mimosa, but the fruit don’t look anything like Mimosa fruit! Do you have a photo of the flower? Or do you remember if it looked like a normal pea flower vs. a pom-pom like flower?

Have you tried using Picture This? I ran it through on Plant Snap and could not get a good result but picture this requires a subscription.

According to feedipedia it’s called the # Syrian mesquite (Prosopis farcta).
You can now read about the details

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That is definitely it! Thank you! I forgot about this thread until now (as it is coming back into the season).