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Please who Can help for a mixt solar and wood or charchoal homemade dryer for chili or pepper

Please, who can help for the construction of a homemade dryer for chili or pepper which can use wood or charchoal energy during rainy season ?

Hi Vendelin,

I have two different hybrid solar dryer designs that I’m happy to share with you. They both have space below the units where you can burn wood or charchoal for supplemental heat. I personally haven’t tested that to know how well it works.

My thought is there needs to be a small brick oven/dome built under the units so the heat is captured and then spread evenly across the bottom of the unit. A cobb oven would be even better. I supposed you can try to just burn the material straight underneath, but I strongly suspect the pepper will not dry evenly.

Email me if you want a “how to build” document.

rgietz at hotmail dot com

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Hi Roger,
I’m very happy for your proposal. Please send me the relative document.
Thank you very much indeed in advance.

You may find some useful links here:

Sure. How do you want me to send it? What’s your email address?

Hi Roger, this my E-mail address :

While living in northern Togo, we saw and had some success using re-purposed oil/steel drums with framed screen netting on the inside. A local welder would need to add pegs on the inside of the drum for the frames to rest upon. Also, ventilation would need to be created in the bottom and top of the drum to allow airflow. The drums are painted black to absorb the highest level of heat. The fresh pepper is placed on the screen racks that are layered every 15-20 cm from bottom to top. These dryers perform best during the heat of the dry season in Togo. Not sure about your own location.

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Hi David, I am in Cameroon where the climatic environment is almost the same like Togo. But the matter is of difficulties to dry big quantities of pepper during the rainy season .That is why we are looking for alternative solutions.
Thanks a lot.