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Quality Water taps for gravity fed systems in upland areas

We have been constructing gravity fed clean water systems for upland communities in Laos for many years. An ongoing challenge is that the water taps that are most readily available and low cost do not last very long under community use conditions. They often need to be replaced within 3 months, but sometimes replacing them is delaying and significant amounts of water is wasted. One solution we have tried when constructing the systems with the community is to install a high quality, long lasting talbot tap ( ). These taps are very durable and if well cared for can last for 10 years. The challenge with this solution is that these taps are not available locally (we had to important them from the UK) and they are quite expensive (although if you compare the cost of replacing taps several times per year, then in the long run, the cost is lower.). Anyway, I just noticed a new option and wondered if anyone in the ECHO network has experience with this open source printable option - . Or if you have found other sustainable options to address this challenge?

Good find Mike! I haven’t heard of anyone else making an open source version of the Talbot tap. I do wonder what sort of longevity this plastic version would have. Although, at such a low price point, and having the ability to reproduce in-country, maybe its an acceptable trade-off. Design Outreach is also developing a tap (LifeTap) but I think they are still in the testing phase. Greg Bixler with DO might be able to offer some input. I also have a contact that could possibly run a trail with this design. let me reach out to him and see what he thinks. Anyone else have a 3D printer and want to try this design?