Range of Katuk?

Hi ECHO community,
I am trying to grow Katuk in the Tampa Bay area, partly as an experiment to see how far north it will grow. I plan to plant it at least a month before the temperature dips below 50. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you

Thanks for your question. I am a perennial vegetable specialist, and also have experience in the Tampa area. It will grow, and can even tolerate a light freeze, but will lose its leaves below 32 degrees, and in general will not look very good in winter. I have seen it tolerate 27 degrees in protected locations. Spring, summer and fall will be fine. It does prefer partial shade in summer, and needs lots of water and nitrogen.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I will be planting in a container for winter, then, and planting in-ground on the south side of the house come March.

Sounds like a good strategy. Perhaps you can take the pot inside if the temperature will drop below 35 at night.