Rangeland/Forrest pasture species mix

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looking for some recomendations to improve pasture somewhere on the border between the sudano guinean and sudano-sahelian zone in Mali (600-900mm yearly precipitation). Its a shallow lomy gravely slope with partial shrub- and treecover.
Look for some adapted perenial gramminees to associate with legumes resistant to cattle browsing on it for fattening cattle .
And what is recomendable for hay production? Can forrage peanuts be associated with it? Think that might grow well as farmers use to cultivate peanuts on this kind of soil & terrain


You can always benefit from planting vetiver grass. It’l grow almost anywhere, is not invasive (only propagated through clump division), has a lot of biomass accumulation, is pretty palatable in its young stages, has deep roots and prevents soil erosion etc.
Other than that you could try rhodes grass (more drought tolerant) or brachiaria (if it fits your climate).
Or you can walk around your area in the dry season and see what grows, ask around whether livestock will eat it, take it back and propagate it. That’s the low-level non-scientific community approach… :wink:

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Good Point. Guess thats also the way I should select the legumes,too :slight_smile: