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Reachglobal and GoCorps 2 year agricultural mission internships

If you are looking to combine your agricultural experience with missions this might be for you…GoCorps recruits recent college graduates to serve overseas for 2 year assignments using their major. They help interns raise support in 3 months, and offer some help with college loans. They partner with missions organizations like Reachglobal, sending us their staff.GoCorps has agricultural placements on their website.

And Reachglobal Peru, where I work, has a specific placement via GoCorps to work in the Amazon jungle with the Yanesha people who are farming cacao, papaya, bananas, and other exotic fruit. Here’s all the info:

We’re also looking for people knowledgeable in these crops to teach at our agricultural institute for weeks at a time in the near future.

Please feel free to ask questions if you’re curious, no strings attached.
Reachglobal Peru