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Reducing insect damage storing seeds

I’ve read a variety of information on this site about storing seeds. The emphasis is on having really dry seeds and keeping them in a cool dark place and filling the bottles full so as to eliminate extra oxygen. Is that sufficient to keep seed destroying insects from damaging the seed? There is some mention about some experiments on one particular “beetle” but what about other insects. I’m wondering what would be the effect of adding a large amount of salt or lime or powdered ashes or hot chili pepper powder.

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Hi Glen! ECHO staff and network members throughout the years have tried several different methods for controlling pests in storage.
@Neil_Rowe_Miller may be able to offer some suggestions based on his experience with powdered ashes/leaf powder.
@Tim_Motis and I have trialed several different technologies; most are found on ECHOcommunity already.
@Paw_Danmalidoi or @Rattakarn_Arttawutti may also have some suggestions to share based on ECHO Asia’s seed bank trials.

Stacy, would you be willing to share the results of the “several different technologies…” you and Tim tried?

Absolutely! Below are the relevant articles. I believe the other ECHO network members above have also tried other technologies:

Observational, need more validation:

Primary Literature from ECHO Staff: