Replicating hybrid varieties Leucana

Recently received my package of seeds from Echo of the Leucaena hybrid variety Kx2 Hawaii. When we grow it, will it be visually distinguishable from the generic Leucaena leucoephala that grows wild in Honduras? Secondly, will it produce seeds that are the true to form if grown near the generic wild Leucaena?

“The KX2 ‘Ohana’ leucaena is an interspecific cross of Leucaena pallida K636 and Leucaena leucocephala K8 developed by the Hawaii Agriculture Research Centre (HARC) for resistance to the psyllid insect which has hurt leucaena production in many regions of the world…”

It will not come true from seed, that is the nature of hybrids, even more so with inter species hybrids. It is self-infertile and can only be pollinated by other varieties.

Your best bet for propagation true to firm is to root cuttings, see:

Thanks so much Robert for that info. I didn’t know Leucaena could be propagated via cuttings.

It might be helpful in your seed catalog to mention how to propagate the hybrids you offer because many users are interesting in using your sample packs to grow more.