Resource Books for Small-scale Agriculture in Guatemala?

My husband and I are starting a sustainability program to supply a small ministry with food…etc. in Guatemala, but we are relatively new to small-scale farming & food production. We have a rare opportunity to ship down some resources, and are wondering if anyone working in a similar climate can tell us what books or types of resources they utilize the most. (Besides ECHOcommunity and talking with local farmers, of course!) We already have a copy of “Restoring the Soil” by Roland Bunch, any other recommendations? Thanks so much!

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Right now i was reading this article, so much interesting. Even it is in spanish languaje, it is easy to traslate it.

Hi Kelly,

We use the materials provided by this organization in our work with the nationals in Zimbabwe and Haiti. Unfortunately, they do not have materials in Spanish. The texts are English and French.

All the best,
David Brandon

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Great - I’ll check this out. Thanks!

I would recommend The Farmers’ Handbook. Though it was made in Nepal it has many concepts that are applicable whatever the climate.

p.s. it’s also available to translate into other languages

This looks great - thanks for the recommendation! (And since it’s expensive and difficult to have things shipped to Guatemala, I’m always especially happy to hear about resources like this available online.)

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Yes, @Chris_Evans , thanks for recommending resources like this. They are available often on ECHOcommunity (like this is) but there is nothing like the confirmation of a network member. Other Permaculture Resources to check out -

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Great list of resources, thanks for linking. Here’s another article I wrote for Permaculture Magazine last year now on the Re-Alliance site, please feel free to add it to your resource list:


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